Hi there! We're a young cosplay group from the West Midlands in England. We'll be posting progress and finished shots up here, and we're always up to cosplaying with new people!

It’s 4/13 today so I FINALLY got some proper Aradia photos! The wind was super-annoying ugh.

Mekaku City Actors starts today so here’s some Kido photos!

Kido hoodie is finished! Most of it’s hand-stitched and kinda wonky and the purple is probably too dark but I’m not especially bothered right now. I have the gilet and wig as well but they’re not pictured because effort.

Also my wig for Nova is here and it’s really cute even pre-styling

Started my Sansa dress! I’m making her wedding dress from the books, because however much her wedding upset me, her dress sounded pretty amazing. Bodice is looking a little Margaery-esque at the moment with the open front, haha, but it will have some lace there.

I’ve begun adding boning, lining and interfacing to some of the bodice pieces, and you can hopefully see what a difference it makes in the lat picture! (right one is the more finished piece)

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Catie cosplayed Piper Halliwell from Charmed on the Sunday of expo and looked so beautiful! She’ll most likely be wearing this costume again, even though not too many people recognised her.

We masqueraded with our Pokemon Legendary Birds group and as usual, Foxy managed to get some really lovely photos!

This is our second Pokemon group this year, and we’re dong another one in Autumn, but it’ll be trainers rather than gijinkas!

Moltres by silversarcasm

Articuno by itrhymeswithalayne

Ho-Oh by mmspectreon

Lugia by Catie

Wonky, last minute, but thankfully finished crowns for Articuno and Princess Bubblegum.